Leading with Creative Intentions. Why the “WE” is so important.

As many of you know, our team has recently began the journey of turning a former 22,000 square foot warehouse into a community art and technology hub named Space 42.

During the renovations I had many conversations with myself. “Am I crazy, will this actually work?” Just as quickly as the thoughts came I allowed them to disappear. Huge risk has a way of pushing you to your limits and moving you in directions you never knew you could go. I don’t think I have ever been so connected to my goals, community or purpose until we decided to embark on something so unpredictable.

In business or in any situation it is important to lead with your intention and not your fear. Fear is the fastest way to insure you will fail. Until recently I had been guilty of letting fear get the best of me, mainly because my intentions were misaligned. I was thinking too linear and too much about my own personal gain. I quickly realized that in order to make this thing work, I needed to have very clear intentions about the WHY.

As a commercial photographer by day, I really didn’t know how else to approach it. I AM my business, my business is ME. I’m the producer, agent, editor, creator, accountant, blah blah blah. After I turned 30 I decided to look at things in a new way. To let go of my past notion of being this persona that really wasn’t making me happy and try something completely new. In the process I let myself off the hook and my life began to transform.

I turn, I had forgotten that the best way to lead is when you put others at the forefront of your mission. It allows you to disconnect from your misguided intentions and put your energy into the needs of others.

The WHY for Space 42 and this site Artview42 is simple; to create a community that benefits growth, community and cultural development in our area. With a clear mission it eliminates the guess work of what to do next, I am allowed to lead with the WHY and not the ME.

With that, I hope you get clear about the WHY of your project and not only the YOU.


Michelle Calloway

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